Building in RoR with No Experience

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Building in RoR with No Experience

Bootstrapping forces you to leverage all your resources. You end-up doing things that you have moved away from years ago. One of those for me is coding. It was 2003 when I moved away from being a sw engineer. But now I am BACK but without any web development experience.

Ask Questions I asked a classmate who works at Facebook what language he would recommend. He suggested RoR because how easy it integrated with DBs.

Use Online Resource are great way to figure out how to do something. Just make sure they are talking about the same version of Rails as you are using. 

Start Small Build only what you absolutely need and focus on doing it well. For my current startup a signup for for our personal beauty and grooming service is all we need. User account is something we will add in the future when we can answer the questions, what value will the customer get from user accounts?

Making Life Easier  Take advantage of all the great gems, frameworks, and extensions. I use sass, blueprint, haml to make styling my website easier.

Environment and Tools I use github for version control, airbrake for real time error,engineyard as my hosting platform. Engineyard is great and provide you will many free resources – new relic…

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